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I nostri prodotti sono stati testati dai più noti armonicisti a livello mondiale quali Andy J. Forest, Charlie Musselwhite, Sugar Ray Norcia, Rod Piazza, Curtis Salgado, Kim Wilson e grazie alla loro esperienza e ai loro consigli stanno ottenendo sempre maggiori consensi presso armonicisti professionisti in Europa e negli Stati Uniti.

Charlie Musselwhite ...  When you have got a harp from mauro you have got a finely tuned, highly efficent fine harp 

Sugar Ray Norcia ...

Playing a Plunz Special Harp is a true pleasure. I admire the solid airtight construction and rich tone. Highly recomended.
Jerry Portnoy

Thank you so much for the great harmonica. It really is one of the best I have ever played - quick and smooth response across the entire harmonica with very good volume. A pleasure to play!


Paul Orta

I've owned custom harmonicas by Joe Filisko ,Richard Sleigh , Jimmy Gordon and Tony Ramos . And I would say Mauro Pionzio's harmonicas are right up there with them . I own a Low F Mauro made me and I'm really impressed that I plan to order a set or two . And I recommend to all professional harmonica players you cannot go wrong with his Harmonicas"

Andj J Forest                                         Kim Wilson

Kim Wilson                                 Sugar Ray Norcia

Curtis Salgado

Charlie Musselwhite

Jerry Portnoy

Paul Orta

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