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Plunz Special Harp was created with the intention of offering every harmonica player the best selection worldwide, either importing or distributing diatonic and chromatic harmonicas produced by makes such as HERING, WELTMEISTER and HOHNER original spare parts.

To satisfy even the most demanding players, we also manufacture:

  • COMBS: in aluminium and brass gold plated, perfectly and easily interchangeable with the most famous models produced by HERING,WELTMEISTER, HOHNER, LEE OSKAR, TOMBO and SUZUKI
  • CUSTOM HARMONICAS: assembled with our combs and the reed plates of  the most famous  makes.
    They are available in all major and minor keys and in the special tunings versions if requested.
  • CASES: standard and custom.
  • CABINETS: standard and custom

We also customize wooden harmonica combs of the best quality and makes, and we can assemble any kind of reed plates on them. We customize, replace single reeds, retune and repair any kind of diatonic harmonica.

At present we don’t adjust reeds for overbending.

We’ve been selling vintage microphones, elements, connectors, adaptors and tweed cables for a long time.

Very soon two ranges of tube amplifiers created especially for harp players will be available.

The best worldwide players have tested our products, such as Andy J.Forest, Charlie Musselwhite, Sugar Ray Norcia, Rod Piazza, Curtis Salgado, Kim Wilson have tested our products and thanks to their experience and advice they have gained the approval of the American and European professional harp players.

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