Who play our harmonicas

The best worldwide players have tested our products, such as Andy J.Forest, Charlie Musselwhite, Sugar Ray Norcia, Rod Piazza, Curtis Salgado, Kim Wilson have tested our products and thanks to their experience and advice they have gained the approval of the American and European professional harp players.

Charlie Musselwhite ...  When you have got a harp from mauro you have got a finely tuned, highly efficent fine harp 

Sugar Ray Norcia ...

Playing a Plunz Special Harp is a true pleasure. I admire the solid airtight construction and rich tone. Highly recomended.

 Jerry Portnoy


Thank you so much for the great harmonica. It really is one of the best I have ever played - quick and smooth response across the entire harmonica with very good volume. A pleasure to play!

 Paul Orta

I've owned custom harmonicas by Joe Filisko ,Richard Sleigh , Jimmy Gordon and Tony Ramos . And I would say Mauro Pionzio's harmonicas are right up there with them . I own a Low F Mauro made me and I'm really impressed that I plan to order a set or two . And I recommend to all professional harmonica players you cannot go wrong with his Harmonicas"

Andj J Forest                                         Kim Wilson

Kim Wilson                                 Sugar Ray Norcia

Curtis Salgado

Charlie Musselwhite

Jerry Portnoy

Paul Orta

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